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First of all, I'm a huge Man of Steel and Zack Snyder fan in general. I follow the director since his first film and I have watched everything he's ever done ever since and most of those projects multiple times. They are not flawless by any means and certainly not all equal, but I love his style and his vision. Man of Steel is my favorite Superman movie. Henry is awesome, the direction the same, the story is pretty great and the music and new superman theme was simply phenomenal. Be that as it may, the action on the third act was a bit too much, there are a couple of scenes that don't make sense, like Lois asking Clark to tell her the truth while he had revealed himself in the kryptonian ship like a moment ago, and the use of the excellent new theme was very very scarce.

TM2YC addressed the excessive action and the music part, while also making a few more changes, like the way Superman's father dies or cutting out the entire sequence of the nuclear attack on both Superman and Zod.

I watched the first version of the fanedit, which uses the theme in more scenes and I've got to say, with the exception of a couple, I really loved this! This should have been done from the beginning! The only two scenes that I found it was unnecessary was when they were talking about the world engine and the second is when Zod deletes the Jor El AI. Other than that, excellent use of the theme!!

When it comes to the trimming down action stuff, I think that I did not like most of the changes. The part with the nuclear attack, it shows to the audience that even from what seems certain death, because Superman is like a floating mummy in space, he can come back, something that makes more believable and digestible the fact that he returns from "actual" death in Justice League. From my point of view, it was a built up to that, to show people what he can do.

From the very first moment, I loved the whole action sequence in Smallville, so trimming down even a second of that is a minus for me. I understand the reasoning behind that, the fact that most people take issue with the level of destruction that happens during this movie, but for me, it is justified under the "reasoning umbrella" that Superman is still young and founding out what he can and can't do, and while he was doing that, he had to fight three "Supermen" that threatened earth. So, I think we can cut him a little slack. Plus, this was addressed in BvS, with a very angry Batman that wanted to kill him because of that, among other reasons.

Another thing I did not understand why it was cut out, was Superman screaming in pain and sorrow after killing Zod. I mean, Superman does not kill. Snyder wanted to make that abundantly clear, that Superman was 100% forced to do that and then, after the fact, show how much it affected him. This whole sequence was very very carefully planed and executed. So, Superman screaming, along with everything else in this scene, from my point of view at least, is a must include.

Finally, the change with the death of Jonathan Kent. Unfortunately, even though it was done really well, it did not work for me. It makes far more sense for his father to stop him and also, having Jonathan die in that blunt, abrupt way with the car, is not a fitting end.

Other than these issues, the edit was excellent, all the cuts were seamless and if someone hadn't watch this before, he would not know if anything was missing or that something feels off.

If you don't mind the specific missing action stuff and the way Jonathan now dies, and also you wanted more of this awesome new Supe's theme, then this edit is for you and will replace the original, I guarantee you that! For me though, I haven't decided yet, probably I will stick with the original but I'm not sure, I want to let this edit sink in a little more.

Thank you TM2YC for all your hard work and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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