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(Updated: August 28, 2023)
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I won't write too much but the changes made here, both big and small, really improve the flow of the film. Some of the more gratuitously adult material has been removed (like taunting the hologram about pain, Mr. Kent saying to leave a bunch of children to die, some of the cursing, etc.) and I'd argue the film is better for it. It's a Superman movie, I don't need too much gritiness.

The color changes are the part that really worked for me. Seeing his suit pop with red and blue like that made it feel way more like a Superman movie, and reducing the eggregious action/destruction to the bare necessities really kept the pace moving. Also removing Lois from a few key moments, ever so slightly, really kept the focus on Superman where it belonged.

Highly recommended. It won't change your opinion about the movie if you hate it, but if like me you thought it was a 7.5, it'll make you think it's an 8.5.

"A good edit is its own reward."

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