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Right off the bat, this isn't my exposure to a "Man of Steel" fan edit, in fact there were three different edits before hand with very different goals and results. Thankfully though, I myself haven't come across a single bad one, and TM2YC's experience is no different. Similar to most takes on the film, color grading is a lot more pleasing thanks to saturation/brightness adjustments, the pacing is a lot quicker via carefully timed cuts to plotting and action, and I can easily call this a superman film that rings true to the character. Only this time, a huge emphasis is put on "the character of Superman", with cuts to a lot of swearing, more restraint on the cgi infested battle sequences, a much less angsty atmosphere due to simple changes to the soundtrack and more subtle edits, heck even the addition of nicely placed title cards in the opening gives a proper feel to the whole thing. Are there still issues that keep it from reaching "Wonder Woman" level of quality? Sure but to be honest most of them come right down to the script being to focused on exposition/self important speeches and the hand held cinematography (would've been nice to have a tripod there, Zach). All in all, the edit is very well executed top to bottom, and frankly I would love to see TM2YC take on Batman V Superman in the future. Grab an American flag and put on your red capes, here comes Superman to save the day.
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