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FanFix October 28, 2017 14606
(Updated: November 03, 2017)
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TM2YC once again establishes his firm place among the great faneditors. The color correction alone makes this version of the film an improvement over the original. What was a hampered by Snyder's seeming obsession with washed out and muted colors has been replaced with vibrance and life.

The number one edit that made me rewind and watch again was how TM2YC reworked Johnathan Kent's death. The way he edits this scene brought an instant emotional response that I did not get from the theatrical version. Masterfully edited here.

I'll admit that I didn't care for the extra Hero themes throughout the film, but the their integration was wonderfully executed. I enjoyed this edit and will be rewatching it in the future.

I highly recommend TM2YC's work. This again is a textbook example of how to do things right. The attention to detail, collaborative approach, and patience throughout the editing process has resulted in another phenomenal edit from the man whose cinema we all want to be taken to.
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