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(Updated: November 05, 2017)
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Visual Quality + Editing are phenomenal. The Y+G gain (an annoying staple of Snyder films) has been lowered, saturation boosted, and oh my the difference in the interrogation room is HUGE.

Audio Quality is fantastic and the editing barely stood out. There is a slight blip at (53:56) where Clark says "I'll go get him" and repeats the latter half of his sentence, and occasionally the re-scoring was slightly abrupt. Otherwise great.

The Narrative is not hugely different from the original, but slight changes certainely make it easier to stomach. Fight scenes are reduced, although damage is still extensive. Characters are less monologuey, although still a bit too earnest. All things considered, there is very little an editor can do, without completely rewriting the film that could perfect the narrative, and taking that into account TM2YC has made a valliant effort.

I ENJOYED (TM2YCs) Man of Steel. I smiled (at least 3 times). I shed a tear for Pa Kent and Clark when he died, and Lois didnt bother me nearly as much, and lets not forget that glorious "Flight" sequence. I can say none of this about the original and that should speak to the quality of this edit (It made me FEEL more than the OG). The few things I wasnt totally fond of-- I recognize that rescoring is tricky-- The insertion of the "Heros theme" became slightly tedious and after hearing it a few times I found myself annoyed by it. And personally I would have liked more extensive changes (as that was clearly not the intention of this edit, it does not affect my rating).

Wonderful work, and I'd like to thank you again, you have given me hope to revisit my abandoned MoS edit, and in the end isn't the point of Superman, to give people hope? ;)

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