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(Updated: August 09, 2021)
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After sifting through work and all the looming pandemic hubbub, I finally found the time to watch some fan edits. The edit of the hour this time around is *drum roll*.... Man of Steel: Dawn of Justice Part 1 - The Outsider Edit by Wakeupkeo. This man really did a good job of turning a terrible film with some splendid scenes and ideas into a surprisingly brilliant movie. This edit of Man of Steel was able to remind me of the good things that Man of Steel does while expanding on those ten fold.

One of those things being, Jonathan Kent was at times the DC equivalent to Uncle Ben until he does a complete 180 to shame Clark. All of that is now gone. The death of Jonathan Kent was super well done here (no spoilers for those who don't want it). It had always irritated me that he just gave a hand wave telling Clark to stay back recognizing he could've saved him anyway. Next, I want to say that the overall plot of this movie is no longer jumbled up like a pile of LEGO's on the floor. On the subject of messages, this edit does a better job of Zack Snyder's intent of "How our real world would react to Superman coming to Earth?" with flying colors. All of the most over the top elements are also withdrawn, such as the scene where he wrecks that guy's truck. The message of "It's not worth it." is perfectly conveyed since Wakeupkeo has cut the aforementioned truck wreckage scene. Speaking of over the top, all shots of the bystanders being harmed by the devastating battle property damage have all been cut. I see that the editor tries to emulate the Marvel way of saving most property damage in battles when people are either evacuated or away, despite some forgivable exceptions. The inclusion of the BVS Jonathan Kent reflection scene with some trims was also a great addition to the movie. For the sake of time, I will now move on to the negatives as well as the conclusion.

I would say the only negative of this edit is arranging the end of the bus and bully flashbacks at the credits. Not only that, but also the exclusion of Superman's first flight scene with Hans Zimmer's breathtaking theme swelling. It is a magnificent scene that gives Henry Cavill's Superman the much needed character that Henry deserves. With all of that aside I don't have much to state about this edit that hasn't already been said. Man of Steel: Dawn of Justice Part 1 streamlines and replaces the original movie itself. I see an extremely promising future for Wakeupkeo, well done.

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