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Agent9 has done it again, taking a big-budget and successful movie that received negative reviews and turned it into a much more enjoyable film. John Williams' score was perfectly integrated, and improved the film so much. The colour correction was a massive improvement, and made the movie much more pleasing to the eye.

------------------SPOILERS AHEAD--------------------

The flashback sequences were moved around in such a way that they seem less spontaneous and more appropriate to certain parts. Although it was weird to start Clark's journey off with instantly becoming Superman before we actually meet the character felt odd, it didn't bother me that much.

Loved the removal of Superman's dad, he still remains in certain scenes but only to deliver some good dialog and progress the story, rather than dying and making overly dramatic and pointless screentime that has nothing to do with the overall plot.

Krypton is now much better, though the action scenes and special effects were stunning, they also served as pointless screentime. The opening is now less than ten minutes and gets straight to the point, introducing Zod and his motivations.

---------------------SPOILER END--------------------

Overall, Agent9 has done an amazing job, the cuts are all reasonable. This is now my go-to version of 'Man of Steel'

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