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I loved this edit. The original cut is grey and dull, bordering on unwatchable. Agent 9 has brought it back to life and truly made it feel like a Superman film. Some of the aspects I enjoyed the most:
- The opening on Krypton. Beautifully trimmed and the score integration/mirror of 1978 Superman opening was really well executed.
- The credits sequence. They look professionally done!
- The re-ordering of the early scenes to focus on Lois learning about Clark as we do. Brilliant stuff, and through a combination of your visual editing and the insertion of the Lois theme, I really bought into their relationship much more in this cut.
- The colour correction. So great to see the red and blue back on the screen. I don't like my Superman movies to be predominantly grey...
- The Music!!! Amazing work, only very few scenes were the stitches evident. You chose the themes so well, and I could really see the effort that had gone into really nailing the key moments throughout the film in a way the original cut didn't get near.
- The pacing. There was not a single shot that you cut that was missed. And thank you muchly for getting rid of scene in the Church, among many others of its ilk.
- The kiss. No longer cringe worthy, it felt natural and appropriate.
- The final shot. Classic Superman. Should never have ended on anything else!

A couple of minor nitpicks
- I know it's a tough compromise with picture quality and file size, but there was a lot of digital distortion in the blacks/shadows, especially evident when Pa Kent shows Clark his spaceship.
- Despite the awesomeness of your score work, there were a couple of music transitions that were noticeably abrupt, such as from the daily planet theme to superman destroying the satellite.
- Some clunky dialogue that could possibly be trimmed remains. eg, Faora's "Evolution always wins" conversation with Clark.

So, all in all, a very professionally executed score replacement, but also so much more. I'll never watch the original again. This is a fanedit to show to your friends as a great example of what the medium can do. Well done Agent 9!

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