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What an improvement and accomplishment! It's now a masterpiece spanning from the birth to the death of Superman. I agree with the positive comments of other reviewers, notably the excellent incorporation of the tornado flashback to the Doomsday fight.

Detail on each of my ratings:

Audio/Video Quality: 7 stars
The HQ version was good, but did have moderate artifacts in heavy action and dark scenes.

Visual Editing: 9 Stars
At least one of the new opening credits felt rushed and not displayed on the screen long enough. There was just one brief but very noticeable video/audio glitch on the HQ version where the frame jumped. Overall, the edits were smooth and professional.

Audio Editing: 9 Stars
Audio transition to Jor-El's flashback was noticeable but not jarring. Overall the audio transitions were smooth and professional.

Narrative: 8 Stars
Narrative was overall a vast improvement. The rushed pace and some scene rearrangement/cuts did introduce somewhat of a "wait, what just happened!?" effect in some places.

Enjoyment: 10 Stars
Great job of the fanfixes, especially Zod's death. Great job of integrating the BvS material, especially the transition from Superman's anguish to Batman's anger following the battle of Metropolis. Wow!
The outstanding music integration should also be recognized, especially the music after Zod's death leading into Batman's brooding in the Batcave. Amazing!
A successful fanfix and fanmix, the best of both types of edits. Loved it!

Thank you JobWillins.

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