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(Updated: December 30, 2022)
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This fanedit chronicles the TRAJEDY of superman's rise and fall, woven into a single film that combined the best of both movies. I personally loved the sci-fi tone of the original Man of Steel and this film feels like an extended cut of that movie. The source material is from two separate films, so it's impossible to merry them perfectly, but I know who wonder woman and batman are so I didn't need their backstory to understand why they would fight against doomsday together. Some of my favorite edits made by JobWillins started as early as the intro credit scenes... how amazing to splice in all of krypton's backstory as a silent backdrop to the credits! They had to cut many minutes of film for a combo to work, and this choice was epic and helped set the tone for the rest of the film.

What I would do differently (if i had JobWillins' skills):
I would probably delete ALL of lex luther's scenes. Jesse Eisnenberg is great, but they didn't give him a lex luther role to be fair. The jolly rancher scene is cringey and epitomizes why this luther was a poorly written "prodigy man-child billionaire" trope. Not my luther! Easy enough to have batman still collect kryptonite because he is known to create contingency plans against JL superheroes, but it might complicate how doomsday is created... it could be done. Wouldn't miss him lol.

Another thing to consider is concluding this tragedy with superman's rebirth. I feel like including this part of the tale would make it more complete, but would significantly change the climax tone.. Could cut out most of the drama of superman discovering who he is... briefly battling the others until coming to his senses... that would be a nice 15-30min completion to this tale, imo. But I respect JobWillins decision to keep this story a TRAJEDY... it was powerfully told :)

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