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This is a tricky one... I have to say I didn't really enjoy the film all that much (all the reasons why here: but that's no fault of the editor, so I don't want to knock the "Enjoyment" score too much. In fact, all of the removals here only served to increase my enjoyment of an otherwise almost forgettable film. I would actually say that the biggest weak point is simply that it's not a MORE aggressive edit. There are definitely some poor attempts at humor that can still be removed, as well as several shots that repeat too much, for example Stewart trying to sit comfortably at a Moroccan dinner, the number of doors he tries in the Albert Hall sequence, the number of shots of Day looking anguished. It would be a much trickier task to edit the audio there though, I admit.

Compared to the original film, deleting the cheesy acting of the kid, some of the cheesy humor and so on was much appreciated. The audio replacement actually might have been a little TOO clean and too jarring for me. The original actually mostly sounds pretty good, and I appreciate the charm of a bit of distortion in old films, since the picture isn't crystal clear either. Technically the A/V edits were fantastic. I only noticed a couple of them, one about 10 minutes in, and another were a scene was trimmed maybe 20 minutes in. But if I didn't know this as an edit and wasn't looking for them, they wouldn't have been noticeable.

All in all, if you've got this on a shelf in a Hitchcock box set, I'd watch this version instead of that. If you haven't re-watched this in a while, I don't think the edits here are significant enough to turn a lackluster film into a really enjoyable re-watch. But if you're a huge Hitchcock fan, the small improvements may provide an enjoyable re-visit.

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Owner's reply May 08, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to review and being generous with your scores. I obviously like the original a lot more than you do, so much of what you would have liked to have seen gone I'm very happy to keep. I think the entire sequence with the Moroccan dinner is great, personally, I also enjoy much of the humour (with the exception of the taxidermy scene, which I tried to erase as much of as possible). Because of the re-score, the orchestra sequence was incredibly hard to edit and time right, but I'm pleased with how it's paced now. Still, I may change my mind on a re-watch and end up trimming it even more at some stage.

I'm sorry that you noticed some transitions. If you'd be willing to give me timecodes I will gladly look into those and see if they can be improved.

In regards to some of the cuts being "TOO clean", could you expand on what you mean by that? Is this in reference to the orchestra scene? At that point we switch from mono to a stereo re-recording of the piece, which is obviously much crisper - however, the original and untouched mono audio is still included as an option.

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