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I like Mars attacks, but for such a short film, on repeated viewings it feels far longer than it actually is.

Reave gives us a no nonsense (well mostly nonsense free) version that I enjoyed throughly. Exposition for characters who mostly die anyway are minimalised bringing the Martians and main characters to the foreground. I would nitpick about the sudden appearance of two boys who start shooting, but why would being an Expert in some arcade game make you proficient with real weaponry? so I don't mind that scene not being there. Also there was no Tom Jones as far as I could see but his name was in the credits, otherwise I am still nitpicking as he definitely wasn't missed, unless he had a brief scene in which I didn't notice him, which is to suggest he may have literally been missed by me.

The film is a little short now, but I think it feels like the right length and it feels more like a homage to old 50's sci fi than Burtons original version.

9/10 from me.

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