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Watching the series without constant interruptions is definitely the definitive way to watch it, and it is in no way is pulled down by the lack of its documentary aspects.

The scenes are blended together surprisingly nicely considering how little was cut, with the only exception being a cut which was somewhat too quick in the first part making it seem almost as if the characters teleported forward.
The Audio flows seamlessly between scenes, and with the exception of a pop in the first of the two parts and the audio in a very early scene favoring my right ear slightly, the experience was very smooth.
As you can tell the issues mentioned were mostly limited to the very first part of the first act, and then never reoccurred, which is what my score reflects.

I would argue that the largest drawbacks are due to sticking so close to the original material, as although it is definitely the definitive way to watch the series, the series itself suffers from a fair amount of pacing issues, and although the cuts does improve the pacing in some scenes it also makes some scenes (particularly in the very beginning) seem a bit rushed without the padding of the documentary content.

Having seen this cut I can't imagine watching season 2 uncut, and if the forums are to go by I wish Last Impressions the best in tackling it.
That being said I can't help but wonder what the result would be if he took more creative liberties to craft this and the current season into a movie more concise than the series.

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