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The Exclusion of Castle’s neighbours and the Russian Hitman certainly works to the edits benefit allowing the more darker and grittier aspects of The Punisher’s sociopathic bloodstained carnage to shine through and this is definitely my go to version whenever I am in the mood for Thomas Jane’s Punisher though I wish you’d kept the flaming skull in as I found it to be very stylistic and badass plus I feel like Frank is someone who would want to make his kills as stylistic and brutal as possible and it made Howard Saint’s death look awesome.

There was a fair bit of background noise throughout the edit and by background noise I don’t mean as in there was outside sound interference with the edit but rather a lot of picture noise which can generally be seen in daytime sky scenes and indoor scenes, I wish you could have altered the scene where Frank stabs the guy so hard that said guy yells like an opera singer so that said guy screams in agony like a normal person.

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