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TV-to-Movie February 16, 2014 3617
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I was a huge fan of the TV series MASH. Moreso than the movie, in fact.
I thought the look of this was wonderful. It really looked and felt like a movie, visually.
However, maybe I am too familiar with the source material, because it very much felt like I was watching a marathon of MASH episodes, back to back. This edit really makes the character of Major Hoolihan wishy-washy and more than a little slutty. That first season of MASH hadn't really developed her character yet, and it really shows in this fanedit.
I was surprised by how unfunny Hawkeye and Trapper were during most of the 5 o'clock Charlie portions. This felt very episodic, which makes perfect sense considering the source(s).
I still would recommend it to anyone who loves MASH, because it is great to see these characters again, and the look is very cinematic.
And maybe the original MASH movie doesn't have the clearest of narratives either, as Altman films sometimes ramble. I wonder of a tighter edit could have been made using Yankee Doodle Doctor as more of the thru-line? I keep picturing Hawkeye's big serious scene as a possible ending, following a fade to black from Radar delivering the news of Henry's death?
I have never done a fanedit myself, so truly, I've no idea what I am talking about on some level.
Overall, I do recommend it and I hope people check it out!

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