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I went into that edit without having seen the original movie. I must say it felt pretty seamless and well executed. Not knowing the story or how the movie was originally edited, it’s hard to tell if this edit makes it better or fixes any issues. But the truth is that Futon and ArtisDead’s version is great! Audio and video quality is excellent and the story feels natural and flowing easily through the movie (I am watching on a stereo setup). I really feel like I’m following Mathilda’s story and I believe that was the main approach as far as reframing the narrative goes. There are a lot of pop songs from that era in this edit but they suit the narrative and the training montage is great with that Patti Smith song. Overall I’d say this is an enjoyable 1h48 movie, well paced and engaging.
Mathilda is also well-structured. Character introduction, first plot point, character evolution, and so on. Everything is following a clear narrative, we are never lost. I was taken out for a brief moment at the end when I was served the same aerial shot of central park a second time. But all this is just me nitpicking what is in fact a great edit.

(I’m going to watch the original now and compare my notes)

I think I understand most of the choices regarding Mathilda’s edit. Removing the opening scene with Leon and the cringier stuff between the two characters is a good choice. It changes a little bit how I perceive the characters. But I don’t think it takes away anything from the movie. Mathilda feels a bit more like a lost soul, Leon a little less.
I must admit I like the original score. Having music without lyrics acts more like a supporting device than a moving one. I felt less guided watching the original when it came to music. The Mathilda edit feels more modern in that aspect. In fact it feels more modern in its narrative as well. So good job for bringing this movie to the 21st century guys!

Now where are the dream sequences? I didn’t realize until just now what is actually going on here! Nice work, it blends well and adds a little something. I wish it could have been done to Mathilda’s character instead but I acknowledge the execution and the research that went into it. Two thumbs up!
How did you remove the title in that flyby sequence?!
9/10 Enjoyment is because I liked the original score and the more fleshed out Leon. All the other stuff brings it back to a 9.


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Owner's reply June 09, 2023

"How did you remove the title in that flyby sequence?!"

I snipped out the bit that shows "LEON" in the sky, After that fades out, there is about 2 seconds before the shot changes, so I slowed that down with Topaz to give myself enough time for my own title. Then I hid the original snip with a crossfade as the camera pans up from the trees. Then I added my own title and timed it to the music. I also added chromatic aberration to the title in an effort to match the original.

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