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Matrix: Dezionized

This is so far the best of the Matrix Sequel amalgamations I have seen yet it still has its problems. There is a clear agenda here and for the most part, it works quite well considering the limitations of the source material. Zion is not really missed yet in a way it is needed.

The first Matrix movie is a journey of discovery for one man. We follow our hero as he learns of two environments, that of reality and that of the Matrix. With the sequels the filmmakers realized that another location was needed and introduced us to Zion. As the original narrative plays scenes in Zion break up those set in the Matrix or on hover crafts and this allows for some breathing room.

Dezionized with one location eradicated leaves little room for pause. To take an example: We are treated to the lengthy and wordy scene with the French man in the dinning room and not too soon after he appears again in a nightclub. The passing of time between scenes has been so short that the motivations that we were left with in the first scene are obviously not present in the following scene. In this case the FanEdit feels awkward and abridged. However horrendous most of the scenes are in Zion, some are needed simply to allow an alternative to the Matrix or as this FanEdit proves things quickly become frenetic.

I would have liked to have seen the Agent Smith fight heavily reduced and most of the PlayStation quality CGI removed. Most of the fights could have been reduced in length as they are simply gratuitous and lead no-where. It would be nice if just for once Neo finished off a villain with a single killer punch.

I also noticed a few audio issues such as some sharp audio transitions and some audio clicks where shots were removed, the early briefing scene being a point in case. There were also some abrupt fades and a strange few seconds of blackness around the time Agent smith presents a “Gift” at the door while the briefing is going on.

The feeling as a whole is of watching something that is not quite complete. The narrative of the original movies is confused and contrived but in the case of Dezionized it simply speeds that up, so in effect more confusion is added.

This is the best of the Matrix FanEdits as it has a clear direction but I fear that these sequels will never be redeemed however much altering and cutting a FanEditor might do. Blame must rest at the Wachowski Brothers feet.


Review by Rock Savage — June 14, 2009 @ 12:40 PM
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