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Wow.! I'm left just amazed at what the editor managed to accomplish with this one. I loved the original film but other than specific scenes here and there, generally disliked the sequels, and particularly the ending. Though many go "well, Resurrections fixed it", I actually dislike the way it handled things, and would rather just fix the ending to Revolutions in the first place. But I didn't think it would actually be possible to do with the video clips, so I was astonished to find that not only did this edit cut out a lot of the pointless plotlines (Bane, Sati, a lot of the excess stuff around Persephone and the Merovingian, etc.), but it actually fixed things with Neo and Trinity.

I will admit, the editing and narrative were a little weaker in the final scenes (not counting the rave stuff), but I'm reasonably sure there wasn't any other material to work with, and I had no trouble following exactly what was happening. I'm also impressed at how the rave was included. If I stop to think about it, there are a few "where'd that character go?" questions, but honestly, I don't tend to mind those as much. What I *did* see towards the end made perfect sense and I liked this ending for Neo and Trinity SO much better.

Frankly, this is, in my opinion, a far superior sequel to the original film than the two we actually got. Now I'm wishing someone wrote fanfic for THIS version of the films...

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