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This probably isn't going to be my strongerst review as I haven't seen Matrix Revolutions since it was released on DVD. I however re-watched Reloaded some couple years ago.

This fanedit is such a double-edged sword. The first part was surprisingly good. The story was pretty easy to follow and it was very enjoyable to watch, especially those awesome yet somewhat cheesy action scenes. Then something happens, the movie takes a deep dive into absulute garbage. It's possible or even likely that Revolutions just is so inferior in all areas compared to Reloaded but I wonder if it could have been salvaged by cutting (a lot) or in some other ways.

I was left with a bad taste. Now we got an enjoyable over the top cool action movie to be followed by a very confusing and boring second half. This is the reason I can't recommend this fanedit much... only diehard Matrix fans probably like this. According to the other reviews, there are/were plenty of those around :)

Audio/Video quality was excellent and Visual/Audio editing was good but suffered a bit from scene changes. Many of them seemed quite obvious and weren't that seamless.

Overall not very enjoyable experience due to deep dive in enjoyment in the latter part of the film due to Revolutions being what it is. Enjoyment gets 6 only because the first part was cool.

Over and out.

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