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I watched jerick's The Matrix Revolutions Reprogrammed awhile back (and approved it) I wanted to write a more indepth review but need to refresh my memory about the details. So a few words of praise for this edit (SPOILERS AHEAD):

As I watched this edit I found myself agreeing/happy with a lot of his editing choices.

I enjoyed the integration of the Osrisis scenes in the beginning of the edit. The new transition to Neo waking from his dream was excellent. jerick did an excellent job of shortening the dance/rave/celebration crap. He got rid of the "I love you too damn much!" (one of the worst pieces of dialogue, right up there with Anakin's lines in AOTC).

The key narrative change IMO, that really made this edit effective was that Neo is not as "super-human" as he is in the theatrical version. He doesn't remove the bullet from Trinity's chest, his powers don't carry over into the real world etc. I thought these were excellent choices as I personally never liked the fact that in the sequels Neo could do crazy stuff in the real world.

jerick's initial submission was probably ready for approval (minus a few minor issues), I gave him quite a lot of feedback on places that could be smoothed out, (i was definitely a bit too picky!) but he was patient with me, worked on the edit some more and it turned out great. From the technical side of things this edit is well executed.

Just a quick note, I watched the 720p version that jerick uploaded to vimeo. I did watch a short sample of his BD release and everything looked in order.

Nice work jerick! I look forward to future edits from you.

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