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(Updated: June 17, 2022)
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Huge Miami Vice fan here who did not like the movie and have held a grudge going on 17 years (holy cow!). I haven’t watched this movie in a couple of years, so after my viewing of it today, I can say that time has been kind to this movie and Spence helped elevate it even more. I couldn’t tell you what was cut (except for that weird shower sex scene) and I couldn’t hear a single audio blip. Spence has crafted an enjoyable ride with Crockett and Tubbs and it left me smiling when both versions of In the Air Tonight played.

Spence’s edit has helped make the movie feel like a modern take on Miami Vice without getting lost in its style due to somewhat of a lacking substance. My ONLY wish (and this is certainly NOT a strike against Spence) is that the edit used more Vice style music by incorporating some modern synth wave and maybe some of the original music somewhere.

If you’re a Miami Vice fan, you’ll immediately get hooked by Spence’s use of Crockett’s theme during the opening speed boat race!

Thanks Spence for finally bringing me around on liking this movie. Now, time to bust out my Vice DVD’s.
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