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Ooo....a new Mission Impossible movie we have not seen!

I have to say, this is a FAR better incarnation of M.I.:2 than the original theatrical release.

Spence has already described the pitfalls of the original and he has masterfully replaced the score. What is more difficult and harder to appreciate by non-editors, is how difficult it is to actually replace music so that it fits the mood and pace of any sequence, and this is near flawless.

I have not re-watched M.I.:2 for many years, in fact more than a decade, so I effectively came to this cold. This truly now feels like part of the franchise again and is certainly the GOTO version for me (it has already been burnt to BD and dropped in the box set with a big "WATCH THIS VERSION ONLY" plastered all over the disc.

I very reluctantly drop one star on Audio since the volume of the new score fights with the dialogue in a few places and could do with notching down a tad in a handful of places (would have been 2 stars down had it not been so incredibly enjoyable)...but frankly it won't get in the way of watching this again VERY SOON.

If a version 2 addresses this minor point, I will revise the review accordingly.

As far as the overall feel, it is just spot on. The new opening feels like, well, just that...a genuine new opening which perfectly sets up what follows. As much as I like the original opening, let's face it; it was a vanity piece and going back to watch it straight after viewing this edit, it just feels out of place.

The trims to the Woo-mo are flawlessly executed, so much so, I had to go back and check if there was as much slo-mo as I recalled...and yes, there was; distractingly so I might add.

The improvements to the narrative allow Towne's writing ( one of the best of the TV Series writers) work to not be bogged down by cliché and awkward moments,

The whole thing zips along at a great pace, and I plan to re-watch this asap, this time with the volume on full blast (dogs permitting, who for some reason like to howl to the theme).

Masterful work all round SIR!

Owner's reply September 26, 2021

Thanks for the kind review! Unfortunately some of the time the audio is a tad loud to cover something I couldn't remove from the original soundtrack. I tried to strike a balance between "too loud" and "sounds weird". Not entirely successful, but maybe I can finesse it further in the future!

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