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As an avid fan of John Woo (he is forever one of my 5 favorite directors), to say M:I-2 was a retroactive disappointment is an understatement (I say retroactive because I watched and hated M:I-2 years ago before I knew who John Woo was or had seen any of his films besides, but I recently watched 14 of his most excellent filmography, 13 of which were his HK films, and I fell in love, so after seeing those, I am retroactively disappointed in M:I-2). Spence set himself a defined set of goals for what his edit needed to accomplish, and he achieved them incredibly well. The visual editing is nigh flawless, his audio editing is incredible and as good as can be given the monumental task of rescoring one of Zimmer’s worst scores. So there are obviously moments throughout the edit that are noticeably rough, albeit very slightly. The pacing is much improved, as the first half moves quickly onward in its set up, but doesn’t feel overly rushed, and once we get to the action scenes, they are still awesome in all their Woo-ness, but they aren’t as far into the realm of self parody as they used to be. And while the beginning half is still a bit slow, that’s an issue at the core of the film’s writing, and is neither Spence’s fault, nor Woo’s in my opinion. Overall, a fantastic achievement and definitely my go to for future marathons of the franchise. Thank you Spence!

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