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FanFix September 13, 2021 5432
(Updated: July 21, 2022)
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I enjoyed the original version of M:I-2 while still seeing the huge flaws that the movie had. It is always fun to rewatch the action scenes of the movie, but there is too much cheesiness and the style of music doesn't work in a Mission Impossible movie. So I'm glad to say that this fan edit by Spence does fix the biggest flaws, two of which were my biggest gripes with the movie: the pace and the music. Anything redundant has been removed to quicken the pace and get to the point. The action scenes and the quieter moments are more emotional and improved thanks to the music from other M:I movies and the pace making them tighter.

Just like some reviewers have said before me, this fan edit does salvage the second M:I entry and make it worthy one as well. It does make it, at least in my books, as good (maybe even better) as the first M:I movie. Well done, Spence! I don't know how you managed to fix this movie, but you managed to do it and even made it a great action movie in my eyes.

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