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Giving praise to Spence's work is like saying Santa Clause is jolly. We all know that!

I'm a big fan of the Mission Impossible films and I can't wait to see Dead Reckoning Part 1. So, obviously, I wanted to do a little marathon before that and I remembered the black sheep of the franchise, MI:2. And then I also remembered that I'm a member of this wonderful community and there's gotta be an editor who felt the same about MI:2. And to my suprise Spence was the guy! So, it was a no brainer, I contacted him, as always he replied very soon, and I got to watch this wonderful edit.

To begin with, my enjoyment factor has nothing to do with Spence's work, it has to do with the fact that I don't think this movie can be salvaged for me, especially since a) it does not play any part in the whole MI scope of things and b) we have five and possibly very soon six much better options, so I'm not missing anything. My actual enjoyment factor is like 6-7, but it would be a shame for Spence to bring down the overall score just because I don't like the original movie.

Technical-wise, the edit is perfect, I'm not even kidding. All the cuts were seamless, I could not tell if anything was missing or even felt off or something and the inclusion of the music from the other films was a much welcomed addition.

I really enjoyed the trimming of the over the top sequences and generally smaller runtime, one hour and thirty five minutes is just right and the pacing was much better because of this. Unfortunately, mister Tom Cruise has really spoiled us with all his latest action movies and I can't say that I will ever watch MI:2 ever again.

Be that as it may, if anyone enjoyed the original movie to a degree, then this edit will elevate the movie for you and will definitely be your go-to version for any MI Marathons!

Thank you Spence for all your hard work and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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