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SO ...RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE...I'm one of the ones that really likes MOONRAKER...and metally removed the more egredious material...BUT now, along comes Poorandin and does it with a flourish which I completly agree with and admire; moving the opening to the central action sequence...and what a master stroke it is.

Let's be clear, I did not think it would work BUT IT DOES...SEAMLESSLY. More so because it is IMHO one of if not the best action stunt sequences EVER commited to film...and I'm including Mission Impossible in that assesment. But there is more to this edit than that.

Poorandin has also surgically emoved some of the decent into slapstick which plages this movie...that is now by and large gone...retaining a tolerable number of quips. But there is even more...

When I watched this (fro a recommendation)...I was very Very VERY sceptical about removing Dame Shirley from the opening credits and dropping in Bang The Gong....well.....knock me down and shake me senseless..IT WORKS...I mean it REALLY works, not with standing that I love the song...But there is even more....

Cuts and Additions:

There are tweaks to the fight on top the cable car, Boat Chase, some selective rescoring to tie into the opening credits and some excision of egredious "musical comedy" replacing it with lesser know John Barry moments. Generall when others have recored Bond sequences, they opt for iconic music cues which always pull me out of the edit...these did not. And yet there is more again...

A new opening has been used from A vIew to a Kill which works because it is not so iconic and somewhat tamer than the openings have it set the tone without pulling you out or trumpiing what is to follow...and what follows is a resurection of a good entry of the 007 francise into a now GREAT entry.

I wont spoil all the remaining tweaks but they are all welcome and in fact I had to check back to the Theatrical version to confirm what indeed had gone missing..though I did not miss any of it frankly.

There are a few very minor issues which I have flagged to Poorandin...and no deductions have been made for them since I believe these will be resolved and do not materially impact my 10/10 enjoyment.

MOONRAKER is now in my Top 5.

"Well done 007"

Highly Recommended

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