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FanFix March 28, 2022 2023
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I didn't realize the intention of this edit was (essentially) the same as my Godzilla KOTM edit. PoorAndin (PA) cut a lot of bad jokes that ruined the vibe. The gondola scene cuts and other goofy stuff being gone makes the film feel more straight-to-the-point. (Timestamp: 50min.35sec.) It still remains a goofy Bond film, to it's benefit, and my delight.

This is a very well made edit.

I love the original Bond films. I have them all kinda ranked in my head. Moonraker isn't super high on that list, but I like it a lot more than a few others in the series, that's for sure. ALMOST every Bond film has iconic locales and aesthetics unique to it. Moonraker definitely has an iconic look and feel. The mansion and grounds are amazing. A few Venice kanals. Rio, that creepy Jaws mask at night, then eventually to SPAAAAACE!

Roger Moore's Bond is what I grew up with when I was like 10 in the 90s. What I remember not liking about it (and still think now) is that it felt one act too long. It's the space scene that feels like it came after when the ending should have happened already. So much setup. The space scene defines the film though, so it's gotta stay. But the earlier stuff like the G-force training tampering scene could be removed and the plot still make total sense. It's boring to me and I skip it every time. It would shave off good runtime too.

I'm not sure I like how the song plays when Jaws opens his mouth at the airport. It comes in and fades out so quickly. But, I do like how you did it when they're all on the gondola. The added horse sound effects were great. I think you added those, right? I'd have to compare. I think I remember you posting a clip of it when it was ITW. What if you layered in a snake hiss SFX at 01:26:58 when the snake dies? Seeing the girlfriend of Jaws with Jaws, and holding hands, on the space-station all of a sudden at the end was odd. Reading your notes in the Cuts and Additions section makes sense but they're holding hands, which throws it for me.

My only actual technical note: volume/dB at 10:37 is quite loud during the city street transition shot. I'd adjust.

I wore headphones while watching on a 1080p TV.

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