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Very cool! As has been said, Moonraker isn't one of the better Bond films and even in an excellently edited version like this, it isn't one of the better Bond films. I first saw this in a theater when I was 11 (so much cleavage and never a nipple! The 007 franchise slogan).
This edit strips away a lot of what was wrong with the original. I couldn't tell you anything I didn't like about this edit. Drax makes for a very good Bond villain. Jaws isn't exactly menacing, but he is as close to it as possible in this version. Everything you did worked. I wasn't sure exactly where you changed music (except where you stated it was changed in the cable car fight) but the music during the speedboat chase was excellent also. There was one tiny thing that stood out: the keypad sound was a little too loud, I thought. Not exactly a big deal, but looking for flaws in this isn't easy.
I don't know what else to say except I think you basically saved this movie (as much as can be done). You should tackle Octopussy.
Recommended to all 007 fans! Easily replaces the original cut. So glad I got finally see this one.

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