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I liked this a lot; MusicEd921 has done a really good job putting this together and removing some of the more frustrating elements of the movie;
A few notes
1. I've actually had this for an age and kept forgetting to watch it; glad I finally got round to it; definitely worth it
2. I have 2 minor quibbles; Firstly the editing of Corinne's death; that's one fo the darkest scenes in the movie and is beautifully scored by Barry; I would have liked to have seen that stay
Secondly; I love the editing of the boat chase and don't mind the removal of the 007 theme, but would have liked another Barry piece in it's place, as good as Arnolds work on TND is, the style just doesn't fit as well as a Barry piece would've..

These are minor quibbles over what was an excellent edit;
I should also add, I love Moonraker, it's actually one of my fave Bond pics, but I absolutely think that it suffers from the overuse of humor/silliness that damaged a number of Moore's Bond pics (and Diamonds Are Forever as well)

Good work MusicEd921!!

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