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Works well as an alternate (and slightly more novel-accurate) take on the material, although probably unlikely to sway the feelings of those who really disliked the original. I don't fall into that category, having seen and quite enjoyed Mortal Engines when it came out in 2018 (am a fan of the books) and thus also enjoyed seeing the film presented in a different way in this edit.

The recut opening felt to me the most significant change, the explanatory text making the setting clearer for those new to the story and removal of Hester meaning that your attention is less divided during the chase sequence. I am undecided on whether introducing Hester's Shrike flashback earlier is better or not, but with the removal of his original introductory scene (and the prior one where he is mentioned) I think this is warranted so his story is less compressed, I do miss Tom and Hester's consequent moment on the Jenny Haniver's "balcony" but that is a minor complaint. The only thing that annoys me is also in the original, how some of the dialogue is a bit heavy on exposition and can feel a bit like it was intended for younger characters, many of those in the book being adolescents.

Excellent presentation though, almost nothing to give away non-original origins, thanks Scott for the time and effort to put this together!

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