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(Updated: June 09, 2020)
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Overview - “The Mummy Returns” was a pisspoor sequel to 1999′s “The Mummy.”
The editor intends to reduce the nonsense, minimize the action overload, keep the charm.

Video - 720 X 480p mpg. (Curious, the first mpg I’ve run across here at FE.). Every now and then, scenes concluded with what felt like an axe. Some of the transitions were inspired, especially the use of title cards to make jump cuts.

Audio - 5.1 AC3. The sound is robust and luxurious throughout. The same quibbles I had with the video also apply with the audio.

Narrative - Half the film is cut. Most is action oriented, which was simply padding for an underdeveloped story. To my reckoning, the Alex / Lock-Nah interchanges could have been halved. The original was bad (I have not rewatched it in years). The edit barely makes sense, though it is cohesive. It is jumpy. I don’t even have suggestions to improve. Most of the deleted sequences were not structural, but action.

Enjoyment - Gaith provides an excellent article on the character Meela Nais. His thoughts on her backstory are useful to understanding his edit. His essay was in my thoughts as I watched, and it helped me appreciate his work. I enjoyed this more than the original, but the original was dismal.
Hey! Hang with the credits for an Easter egg.
Since Gaith released his edit (a decade ago), he has mused about reworking a V2.
I would be interested in that.

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