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FanMix September 25, 2023 1184
(Updated: May 29, 2024)
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This was a really fun watch! Like many others I personally love the Michael Keaton Batman movies, having grown up watching them in the '90s as a kid. The noir turn completed here is really well done, and is especially accentuated by the fun period music. I actually really loved the closing credits music with the cover of Where Is My Mind, what a cool choice!

The visual editing is done really well considering how dark the movie is, it could have ended up completely indecipherable but for the most part it was really great! They were only a few sections where I felt like things were bleeding into each other because they were too dark but overall the efforts put in succeeded greatly.

For the audio editing the music is really fun but there were some scenes that were very noticeable, especially the museum destruction scene. Talking with WRR they said they're aware that this is an early editing attempt, so errors are perfectly understandable, and this is not representative of their current work.

The little changes to the story throughout were also really well done and if I dare say so may have actually improved on this classic.

Overall I had a really great time with it! I would recommend watching it if you want something new and interesting for a Batman movie you've probably seen a hundred times.

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