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Shorts December 23, 2013 2946
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- I could have done with out the excessive grain and lines and scratches etc., but it wasn't too distracting, just my opinion
- I realize this edit must have been tricky since the editor had to cut out the comedy and jokes but some of the dialogue felt a little abrupt – like because it had to be cut together, it didn't have natural pauses, it felt a bit too quick, if that makes any sense. The audio editing other than that was fine, nothing jarring other than what was mentioned. Also, I guess it fits the style of what matrixgrindhouse was going for but at the same time giving it the old-feel effects to the video and audio to patch over most of the cuts seemed kind of lazy for lack of a better word. No offense intended to matrixgrindhouse but I think using the grindhouse effects a bit more sparingly would have been better (“a little goes a long way” as they say)
- This was a really ambitious idea but it didn't really work for me, a non-grindhoused version with more straight forward editing might have been more appealing to me (I can't speak for anyone else).

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