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While this edit does a good job of trimming the nonsensical dialogue, acting and plot, it still doesn't fix the movie. But it goes a long way towards that goal nonetheless.

As its runtime suggests, it doensn't waste any time, and goes straight for the (first) kill. At this pace, it's basically one kill after the next, leaving only the bare necessities regarding plot in place. There's no funeral scene for example, which already established the teens' mutual past very early on in the film. Other short scenes were excised as well. Rather than trimming dialogue here and there, entire scenes were left on the cutting room floor.

All in all it was a good 45 minutes, and as previously stated, goes a long way to fixing the problems of the original film, although it's one beyond saving. The latest batch of Hollywood heart throbs simply doesn't have the acting chops that their '80s counterparts clearly displayed, even in horror movies. Hollywood entry exams are at an all time low, I suppose...

The only thing that stood out for me (in a bad way) was the soundtrack. The Stabbing Westward song was a bad choice and immediately reminded me of the equally atrocious Freddy vs Jason. The editor should have picked a dark and moody soundtrack to fit the eerie chase feeling of the original Nightmare on Elm Street series. Because let's face it, they're still number one.

Where I give the theatrical remake a 5/10 for narrative and enjoyment alike, this edit only barely tops that, with a 6/10 on both aforementioned accounts. If the editor continues to expand his horror line of edits, I'd personally recommend providing new or different twists to the classics of the genre, and leave the gore porn remakes where they are -- the discount bin.

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Owner's reply September 09, 2014

Thanks Kal-El for the in depth review on my edit. I am in an agreement with you with horror remakes these days. As for my reason to edit them and try to attempt to make them enjoyable. I will take the input with these reviews and better myself with the editing and choices process. Again thanks for having time to watch this edit and to write this review.

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