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Although I can appreciate the editors intentions, this film simply doesn't work condensed into less than 50 minutes.
There are huge holes in the plot that have not been bridged very well in the fanedit.
eg. there is no funeral scene, no scene showing nancy pulling cloth from freddy's sweater out of the dream and no scene where the teens feel that this is happening to them because they had lied about freddy when they were children. Yet all of these elements are referred to within dialogue used in scenes remaining in the fanedit.

The restructuring of nancy's bathtime dream would have possibly worked if the audio hadn't transposed sharply between tranquility to action chase and the changed beginning using chris's dream would have also possibly worked if the story had moved to the teens discussing their nightmares before returning to see Chris killed the following night (as it was in the original film with Tina) .

A lot of people did not enjoy the elm street remake compared to the original films and I can see that a lot of work has gone into this fanedit. Therefore i must commend the editor for his intentions and the time spent to bring this to life, but overall I feel this fanedit is just too disjointed to replace the original version of the remake.

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