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Rogue gives us an outstandingly clever alternate version of this movie.

The character of Captain America was born out of the same era that gave us old-fashioned serials, and the movie itself captures the same feel. Rogue was able to use this style to his advantage, rendering the footage in black-and-white and replacing the modern score with something appropriate to the 1940s. The opening credits are particularly memorable; if not for the names (and faces) of recent stars like Tommy Lee Jones, there would be no way to know this wasn't authentic to the era.

Rather than trying to sum up all of the movie in 15 minutes, Rogue wisely (again) uses the serial format to his advantage, summing up everything to the point of the climax with title cards.

Fittingly, all traces of the romance between Steve and Agent Carter are gone. While romance subplots are common for modern movies, serials would gloss over these ideas, so Rogue does likewise.

I got a little tiny bit bored about 2/3 of the way through when I thought the story was going to end exactly like the original. But Rogue saved his most ingenious twist for the end, fully (and seamlessly) paying homage to the serials from which the Cap movie was based.

Rogue is a master of short edits; I've long been a fan of his Apollo 13 and Attack of the Clones Super 8 edits. He can now add this one to his increasingly impressive resume!

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