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LastSurvivor has really created something unique and special here. I truly didn't expect this edit to work as well as it did. I personally have a ridiculous amount of love for Halloween III so much so that I have a shirt that says "Halloween III is a good movie" to wear to Halloween Horror Nights so people know the truth. For all its flaws, and there are many, there are a lot of things to like about Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, specifically the Producer's cut. The mask and score are great and the cinematography give us some really interesting shots. LastSurvivor had decent source material to pull from and definitely pulled the best out of it.

I expected to be distracted by film quality considering one movie was early 80's and one was mid 90's but this was never really an issue at all for me. They actually did fit together nicely. This easily gives a 10 for A/V quality.

Audio editing and score replacements all worked. LOVE the use of "The Shape Hunts Allyson" remix for the opening credits. That song is the best piece of music ever written for a Halloween film outside of the Main Theme and this remixed version fits the opening credits perfectly. The visual editing truly was great and there weren't any noticeable cuts. There were two things keeping in from a perfect 10 for me. I can understand that many things had to be cut to keep this at a good length but it did lead to a bit of an odd scene. Cutting the breakfast table scene from Halloween 6 makes sense because you really won't be dealing with Kara's parents. My issue with this is it leaves us only seeing the aftermath of Kara's father hitting her. We see her beaten with a bloody nose but we don't have the context to why that happened. Just made the scene stick out. Also, I loved that LastSurvivor used footage from Halloween 6 as security cam footage on the monitors from Halloween III. My only minor gripe with this is that the "security footage" cuts to different angles which makes it feel like you're just watching the movie itself. Don't let those things take away from the great work that was done here.

The narrative was really put together incredibly well. The only minor issue I have with it is that the first hour feels disjointed. It feels like you're watching two movies cut together. The second hour makes you feel like you're truly watching one movie. Plot threads just come together much neater in that second hour. The inclusion of the Thorn symbol in the Stonehenge stone prior to its destruction as well as in the final fateful commercial was seamless and very smart.

Enjoyment is an absolute 10 out of 10. Every single Halloween fan should have a copy of this. Will easily be added to my rotation every October. As a massive Halloween fan I've watched many a fanedit. This one sits at the top. All the props to LastSurvivor!
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