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This edit was a masterclass of editing and sound mixing. I think that a lot of passion went into this project and overall I did enjoy it. I Personally went into this edit thinking that there was going to be some bold narrative choices to make this kind of a one shot sequel to Halloween 2, I don't know why and a lot of my confusion and lack of enjoyment was due to that which is COMPLETELEY on me and NOT the edits fault. (I don't know why I thought I didn't need to rewatch the thorn trilogy to prepare for this), I love Halloween 3 and always wanted to see Michael kind of mixed into the lore of SAMHAIN and the PLANETS ALLIGINING and all that without loosing that classic Halloween feel. I think this edit kind of gave me my fill of that and I appreciate that. But its very hard to scavenge what was the mess that was Halloween 6, Its hard to care about the characters, Michael is turned into this "little boy victim" and just a lot of weird narrative decisions that came from the producer cut like Michael R4ping his niece? (Not that the theatrical cut is any better.) Anyways this review has pretty much turned into me rambling. Overall I think this edit was bold and I commend it for that, If your going into this thinking its going to create some epic new lore for Michael and fix Halloween 6 while bringing the amazing film that was 3 Into Michaels story you will be disappointed. I don't think that this edit was trying to do that though, I just think that its a passion project with stellar audio and video editing and some cool lore and narrative ideas to pull from, Watch this edit! Great job man.

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