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my review of ranger613’s Night of the Walking Dead.
For those that have seen The Walking Dead, you’ll immediately love this. For those that have not seen it, well, what are you waiting for, permission? Oh, and if you have never seem TWD, stop reading now because there will be spoilers.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of Morgan, his son Duane and their story, which was good in the television program for story and continuity sake explaining how Rick went from coming out of a coma to being out on his own traveling to Atlanta, in a movie timeline, Morgan’s story was unnecessary.

One thing I really liked was not having to see Carol’s husband, like Morgan’s story, unnecessary.

Something that the TV program had too much off was the pointless walking around on Hershel’s farm, seriously, get on with the story already.

The well walker was fucking disgusting. I made the mistake of having lunch while I was watching this.

Glenn goes in the barn, Maggie gets her panties in a bunch, Glenn snitches and then Rick and Carl burn it to the MF’in ground after a crapload of talking and arguing about it that was fortunately removed from this.

Now I’ve probably missed things here and there that were excluded, I tried to get the bigger more noticeable ones since it’s 1am here in Toronto and I’m somewhat tired.

In my opinion, this is definitely worthy of being on the big screen, or in the very least, bought by and shown on AMC as a Walking Dead ‘special event’

Thanks to ranger613 for this fine piece of work. Now we wait for the season 3-4 movie. #NoPressureAtAll

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