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FanFix June 30, 2012 5568
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A/V quality is pretty good considering it's a DVD rip.

Some audio editing errors and rushed cuts in the opening. With that said, the rest of the cuts were largely smooth and well hidden, and the audio editing is very well done.

Grateful for the inclusion of subs. There are some moments where the subtitles display cut dialogue, and the subs were generally a bit out of sync - but I can't complain, still preferable to no subs at all. The overruning subs are actually a great way of highlighting some of the dialogue and moments that were expertly removed.

While I didn't have an issue with the love storyline in the original, cutting it out does have a noticable impact in regards to improving the pace. The story largely works without this plotline, only a couple spots that don't quite fit towards the end.

All in all, while the original works fine for me, this a solid, well paced edit that will appeal to fans of the book who didn't like Coppola's addition of the romance story. Thanks to ADM for making this, and additional thanks to hbenthow for keeping the DVD and uploding and sharing it after all these years.
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