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Despite being sourced from a DVD the quality of the movie itself is pretty good.

The edits made were quite smooth and cuts are largely unnoticeable, except for some parts (most notably the opening and the scene where Mina was bitten). The audio cuts are also well done. My only gripe is the subtitle is quite messy, but quite understandable since subtitle editing is a whole other task and the movie is still enjoyable and easy to follow without subtitles.

Narrative wise, the story still works quite well and the removal of the romance subplot doesn't change much with regards to the overall story. I also feel that due to the removal, the Jonathan-Mina relationship is also improved. The only part that arguably doesn't fit well with the removal is the ending, but even then it's perfectly explainable. The only part which I feel shouldn't be removed is the part where Mina is turned into a vampire, since I feel it's such an iconic scene and still makes sense even without the romantic subplot, although it's understandable why it's removed.

Overall, this is a fine edit. Personally, I enjoy the original but dislike the romance subplot and for me this edit improves the movie very much, allowing me to truly appreciate the movie as a great piece of art and a fine adaptation of a classic story. Thank you ADigitalMan for making this brilliant edit.

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