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On top of the morning to you, fellow enjoyers of Fanedits! If you’re reading this review to determine if Northwest Passage is something you may enjoy, here is a disclaimer: I have never seen Twin Peaks.

I just recently got the blu-rays from a buddy who loved the show as an early Christmas gift, and figured this was a perfect opportunity to watch and examine Northwest Passage as someone who knows nothing about Twin Peaks. I plan on watching the original show sometime in the near future, however if I end up really enjoying this edit, I may not actually want to! I generally have a hard time watching “older” movies and shows, so bear that in mind as well as you read my review.

Overall I liked Part 1 more than Part 2. The second half doubled down HARD on the weird factor, and more or less discarded every single side character, which left basically all of their plotlines discarded. Q2’s goal here was to do exactly that, but my enjoyment was sapped a little bit by not having any resolution for the large majority of the characters. There were a couple very minor bits where the audio faded kinda quick, but these were in Part 1 and I watched Part 1 much more critically than Part 2. Part 2 I just sat down to enjoy it, while with Part 1 I was looking for transitions and such, mostly out of my desire to learn from one of the greats though, so I’m not docking any points for them.

I’m very glad I watched, and I highly recommend this edit to everyone! Especially to those who, like me, haven’t seen Twin Peaks, and want a compressed version to get a solid story!

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