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April 15, 2011 @ 2:03 am

“Who killed Laura Palmer?

In 1990, this question was heard by everyone. As I was a freshman in college I was often busy with, well, other things so I never watched a moment of the show, but there was never any denying its appeal as the common room was always packed on Twin Peaks night.

So for 20 years I have actually wondered to myself, who DID kill Laura Palmer? Since neither my wife or I had seen the show, we were eager to watch something so ambitious and see if it could be successful. We felt we were the perfect test subjects.

Picture and sound were excellent on this project, as emphatic has noted, the re-framing into 16:9 is beautiful. Not once did I feel that I was watching something where I was missing something or that it fit poorly. Easily 10/10 for me.

Editing was also top-notch in my opinion, this fit well both for audio and visual cuts. rarely could I detect the hand of the editor in the project, and when you consider the task on hand, mixing together elements of so many episodes, that task alone is stunning.

Story however, is really what matters here. Without the baggage of knowing all of the storylines that were cut-out, without attachments to specific characters, in-jokes and subplots, would this still feel like a coherent story, and would it be entertaining?

100% yes. My wife and I were riveted the entire time watching this. The focus on Coop and Truman kept the edit fresh, funny and simultaneously mysterious. When fringe characters ebbed and flowed in and out of the story, it never affected us because we were focused on one thing, Who killed Laura Palmer? And that is where the story relentlessly stays, and it also lent an air of mystery wondering who was relevant in their investigation, just like a real investigation people of interest come on the radar, and then are dismissed, people provide their important bits and then fade away.

*spoilers ahead*
The mystery is wonderfully handled, and from what has been explained to me, several climactic moments are handled with exceptional skill. When asked by the editor how certain scenes like Maddie’s murder, or the red curtain scenes worked, if we were confused or felt his work, I was pleased to report that they felt natural and that I assumed simply that was how they played out in the original.

Improving on the original was not Q2′s intention with this edit, it was a challenge; could you alter the story so that only the primary question is addressed, who killed Laura Palmer? The answer is a resounding YES.

As I told Thunder/Q2, I was always on the fence about David Lynch, but after this edit I now have a tremendous appreciation for his genius and no longer view him as just a madman. I cannot wait to go back and watch the two full seasons to see what was carved out, to see those subplots and characters that which I’ve now heard much about. But I’m glad that this is how I was introduced into the world of Twin Peaks, this was radically enjoyable and satisfying.

Thumbs up, a damn fine edit. 10/10.
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