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Q2 has done something I never thought possible,
he made me like David Lynch!

I have never really enjoyed Lynch's films, and while I watched Twin Peaks on and off in high school, I just never got in to it.

Last summer, I picked up the series set from a discount bin on the recommendation of a friend who urged me to give the series another shot.

I watched it all. But boy, was it ever it was a struggle for me... LOL!
I figured Twin Peaks was just not my cup of tea.

But then I watched NORTHWEST PASSAGE, and something just "clicked" for me. I watched the entire epic in one sitting, completely spellbound. It was still strange and weird and at times confusing, but now it felt more directed, more purposeful, and definitely more conclusive.

In my opinion, editing episodic television into an engaging and entertaining new story is the hardest type of fan edit to create. And Q2 has succeeded wildly! I can not believe he reframed every scene into 16x9! It is amazing!

Visually the edit is beautiful. There were couple audio fades/transitions that I thought were abrupt and could have been smother. But this is pretty close to perfect.

Thanks for the great murder mystery Q2!

I may have to rewatch Twin Peaks again!

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