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FanFix February 25, 2014 11187
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Overview - After some long forgotten war, earthlings have relocated to Saturn. OK premise, excellent production values, but the script is thin, weakening the movie overall.

Video - 1920 X 1080p AVC. Fabulous looking print. Excellent editing throughout. Most of his work goes right under my radar, which is best. Most of the time, I had no idea I was looking at an edit. I kept going, “What’d he change? I don’t see nuthin’!” All the trims and tightening were unobtrusive, which is for the best in a fix, as opposed to a makeover or reinvention. First class.

Audio - 448 kbps AC3. 5.1 surround. No subs. Beezo has provided an excellent audio commentary track, which I actually enjoyed as much as the movie. Primarily because it informed me of all the work he had done with this edit. For aspiring editors, this is invaluable.

Narrative - Stripped of all voiceover, this demands more viewer concentration. The mystery element is pronounced here.

Enjoyment - I’m not a big fan of this film, though I enjoyed it more than Cruise’s subsequent “Edge Of Tomorrow.”

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