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(Updated: November 08, 2020)
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Okay I asked for this quite a while ago, but with recent domestic problems it was only recenly I was able to finally watch it.

I really enjoyed this edit, but I think one slight issue is the back and forth early on, if you're not familiar with the films individually it might be a bit hard to keep track of what is taking place in era initially as the films all have a similar look to them which is a result of supposedly setting a film years later but filming only a year or two apart (e.g every 80's horror franchise) but I think it does a rather good job of showing us Damiens life as a whole. As it was discussed before I watched the edit I made it clear that I simply enjoy Omen II: Damien and I was advised that the film would be heavily truncated from this edit. Did that affect my enjoyment? not at all, Omen 2 is simply 80% final destination style filler, people turning up to the party just so they can be offed. What we learn from Damien's teenage years now is how he comes to be the head of the business, his acceptance of his legacy and why he now talks with an American accent :D

The new ending is a cheeky enough trope to other horrors that end openly, or those classic X-files closeouts and yes I enjoyed it too.
And yes I did watch this all in one sitting, so extra kudos on a runtime that never had me checking the time.

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