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(Updated: July 19, 2023)
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So this is a hard edit to review, because if it comes to the editing itself its pretty much flawless and if you have never seen this film before, the narrative works quite well. But if you did see it, you will miss a lot of scenes., for me it was especially noodles and max' first meeting and of course the whole ending. Its still great work though. Now i would love for TM2YC to do a chronological cut of the extended version (maybe trimmed for a few scenes which aren't relevant to the strory).

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(Updated: July 13, 2023) July 13, 2023
If the editing is flawless, why not give a score of 10 in those areas? It's customary here to note what you found mismatched or lacking in the editing if you're knocking the score. Also, you note that the film flows well, which I'd take to be what the "narrative" category is for. Remember, your scores are rating the editing, not the film. Whether you prefer this edit or not is really just noted in the "enjoyment" category.
July 19, 2023
Noted, i guess i judged the narrative to harshly by the scenes i missed from the original. I will adjust that, as far as the other lower scores go i guess im simply reluctant to give high scores for anything, its probably a personality flaw. I try to adjust that and the scores
2 results - showing 1 - 2