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I'll start off by saying that I loved Pacific Rim. I watched it multiple times in the theater and bought it the day it came out. Overall I liked this edit but I will probably stick with the theatrical version.

There were a few things that I noticed and that didn't work for me. The only scene I could actually tell there was a cut was the scene when Becket is looking at the specimens in the elevator when he first arrives in Hong Kong.

The only particular scene that didn't work for me was the Charlie Day scene in the bunker. He was cut out of almost the whole movie and I was surprised to see that scene was kept intact. It was a little jarring just having Charlie Day show up randomly and then never being seen from again.

The last thing is near the end, it doesn't make much sense why Gypsy Danger is dragging the dead Kaiju as he walks towards the breach; this is only a nitpick because I know the real reason.

Other than those few things, I did liked this edit. Its quick and filled with all the exciting bits from the movie. I'm a big fan of Charlie Day and Ron Perlman so I missed their scenes, but this edit works without their subplots which I admit were on the slapstick side.

This is a great edit for those who may have found the certain comedic elements of the original not to their liking or just want a faster paced version. However, I adore the original and that is the only reason I deducted a couple of points for enjoyment because I enjoy all of the cut material.

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