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(Updated: April 07, 2024)
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This is the only way to watch Alien: Covenant.

I need to preface this review by mentioning that none of the drawbacks of this edit come from JobWillins himself. Everything has to do with the original material. I say this as someone who loved Prometheus, but hated Covenant. This edit brings in the best elements of Covenant (the scenes between David and Wayland) which makes Prometheus that much better. In retrospect, I believe it would be much more interesting to have a standalone edit of Prometheus with those scenes added in. Covenant seems like a completely odd and nonsensical sequel to Prometheus, and I truly believe that combining those two movies does more good for Covenant than it does for Prometheus.

However I must congratulate JobWillins' incredible editing skill. He has done the best job anyone could do when it comes to this project. The cuts between the timelines are seamless and seem very fitting every time. It's never jarring and they somehow feel right. However, Covenant remains the movie that it is and unfortunately no amount of editing will ever be able to save that mess. I left this edit feeling like I just wanted to go watch Prometheus instead, as that movie was pretty damn good.

It's worth a watch, if only just for JobWillins' incredible editing, and if for some odd reason you need to watch Alien: Covenant. If not, I would recommend you simply watch Prometheus again.

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