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(Updated: February 01, 2021)
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In all honesty, this was effective enough that I had to go back and familiarize myself with the original audio. Which means that although my appreciation for Gascoine's original score has now since been refreshed to a degree, I'm even more impressed with the audio decisions in this fan edit - As they don't ignore the timbre and emotive tonal motif in the moments that are re-scored and even where they might differ in attitude, it has been obviously contrasted and compared with thought and intuition. The narrative changes that Last Survivor made overall were with a disciplined hand and were spot on. The removal of some of the weaker acting/directing moments raise it's game more than you might expect for how slight they are for the most part and the removal of all narration really opens this film up to an interpretive degree, not to mention the improved atmosphere in which it can be enjoyed. First class editing to help the final piece step up a notch - And to have Bass' original ending to work with also, makes the final touches by LS so worthwhile.

I never just blow smoke etc, so I do have to say I miss the ponderous, characterful bass lines in Gascoines' opening score as we follow our first character through their world (in fact those bass lines were very reminiscent of 'Fantastic Planet' if I remember right - find it if you haven't seen it) But I don't fault the replacement audio here at all. It works very well. It all works very well, including of course all the smaller cues that segue less dynamic moments nicely and populate the soundscape of the laboratory further, alongside existing blips and hums. Whilst not routinely psychedelic, the replacement score retains the required intensity of cumulative moments that are completely in step with the visuals, which at times definitely are psychedelic.

So, a film that was originally subject to tone deaf marketing posters in the cinemas and is in fact a style of feature far closer to the likes of 'The Andromeda Strain' than it is to the giant ant film 'Them', now fits even more comfortably in place alongside more "respectable" science fiction. Highly recommended.

(I didn't realize there was a commentary track by Last Survivor, which I should have checked out before now really, but I wanted to get this down. I will be sure to do that)
Owner's reply February 07, 2021

what can I say? It's great when you get such nice feedback from people who are genuine fans of the original version. I can't tell you how much I love the original film, so I was genuinely hoping that this admiration for Bass' film would still shine through with this new rescoring. To hear that you liked this aspect was such a relief, as I thought long and hard about what music to use. Also glad to hear the little nips and tucks in removing a few scenes worked to the film's advantage too. Thanks so much and glad you enjoyed it!

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